Trinity Planning & Projects Consulting
Principal: Vic Cote


University of Western Ontario - Vic Cote and Trinity Planning and Projects Consulting have been retained to provide strategic direction, project oversight and project management on all capital construction projects at Western University. Western University has over $300 million dollars of active and planned construction projects.

City of Burlington, Burlington Economic Development Corporation (BEDC) - Mr. Cote has been retained by the BEDC to provide strategic advice on potential institutional and private sector partnerships to enhance Burlington's high tech industry and economic growth opportunities.

Fanshawe College School of Applied and Performance Arts - Vic Cote was the lead consultant on the development of a business plan and securement of funding for a School of the Arts in Downtown London.  The school is scheduled to open in 2013 and will eventually be home to 1000 students.  This project is expected to evolve into an arts district in Downtown London over the next ten years.  To view the business plan visit the Fanshawe College website.

Budweiser Gardens
 (formerly The John Labatt Centre) is a 9100 seat multi-purpose entertainment and sports facility. It was named Canada's Major Facility of the Year at Canadian Music and Broadcast Industry Awards in 2010 and 2012. Opening in 2002, it won the gold medal for financing for Public Private Partnership in Canada. The Budweiser Gardens is a partnership with a private sector partner who lease and manage the facility. Vic Cote negotiated all aspects of the partnership on behalf of the City of London and oversaw the building and development of the facility. The Budweiser Gardens has been called the best mid-size facility in North America.  For more information on the success of the Budweiser Gardens visit London Tourism website and the Budweiser Gardens website.

The Covent Garden Market
 is a modern day, urban centre market. It was rebuilt in 1999 on its historical site. The Market was the lead project  in the revitalization of Downtown London. Vic Cote led this project, including all public processes and negotiations on the selection of the winning design and construction team. Vic Cote also oversaw the construction on behalf of the City. Visit the Covent Garden Market website for more information.

The Western Fair Sports Plex opened in 2001 as a Joint Venture between the Western Fair Association and the City of London. The Complex is widely recognized as one of the best recreation arena facilities in Canada. The Western Fair manages and operates the facility in accordance with a joint venture agreement and ice rental agreement with the City of London. The facility has met all of its financial pro formas and operates at a profit. Vic Cote negotiated the joint venture agreement and oversaw the construction of the project on behalf of the City of London.  
For more on the Western Fair Sports Complex visittheir website at


Stoney Creek Community Centre and YMCA- This joint venture project is a multi-purpose recreation centre which serves as a community recreation centre and YMCA.  Both the City and YMCA made capital contributions to the 75,000 sq ft facility. The recreation centre opened in the fall 2010 and is operated by the YMCA.  Vic Cote was the lead negotiator for the City on the joint venture agreement.  More on this joint venture facility can be found at

Advanced Manufacturing Park - University of Western Ontario/Fanshawe College/City of London - The Advanced Manufacturing Park is a joint venture which provides Western and Fanshawe with land in the City’s Innovation Industrial Park. Western and Fanshawe will use these lands to locate research facilities and develop partnerships to promote advanced manufacturing. The City of London has designated 130 acres of land to be used solely for advanced manufacturing. Vic Cote was the lead negotiator for the City on this joint venture and promoted the partnership as an economic development initiative.

Downtown Revitalization Strategies- While serving as the head of Planning and Development in the City of London Mr. Cote introduced a number of incentives and programs to encourage investment in the Downtown. He was also responsible for overseeing over $100 million in public sector investment in Downtown London. The results of these programs and initiatives have been a dramatic turnaround in the economy and vibrancy of London’s Downtown. The programs, incentives and investments have been become a model for other cities looking to revitalize their downtowns.

Adaptive Reuse of Historical Buildings – Trinity Planning and Projects is providing consulting advice on the adaptive reuse of heritage buildings at the soon to be decommissioned site of the London Psychiatric Hospital, the decommissioning of the South St. Campus of the London Health Science Centre and historical buildings in Downtown London campus for Fanshawe’s School of Applied and Performance Arts.

Development Approvals- Trinity Planning and Projects is working with several private and public clients on land acquisition, development approvals and agreements.

Development Charges- Vic Cote has led the City of London through 3 development charge processes  He has a complete understanding of the preparation of background studies and the development charges by-laws.  He has negotiated several settlements on DC appeals and has appeared as an expert witness at the OMB.  He is currently providing advice to the consulting team on the 2014 City of London Development Charge Study.

Economic Development Strategies- Vic Cote was responsible for industrial land at the City of London. He has worked on the development of incubation centres, research parks and partnerships to generate economic growth.  Mr. Cote has studied economic development and worked as a consultant in sector analysis on the impacts of free trade.

Brownfield  Development and Complex Site Development- Vic Cote has experience with approvals and development of sites which have contaminated material, large demolition or building  restoration components or  heritage components. He has led the negotiations on the redevelopment of these types of projects for the City of London and also had to manage these issues on some of the development projects he has led.